On June 19th, the China-US forum on education and investment which organized by T- Angle Fund, EduTrip and EB5Group was held at Sentosa Hotel in Nanshan district, Shenzhen City.


Investment+Education Forum

The forum attracted 200 investors. Powerful guests in immigration and investment industry including Hurwitz James Company, Miller Mayer, Walton, InGenius, Convoy Financial Holdings, Yong Da Xin Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd, PC iHUB and Hainabian gathered in Sentosa Hotel and brought a feast of overseas education, investment immigration and international finance for investors.

The guest speakers attended this forum include senior investment manager Alex Ahlstrom, the founder of Happy Life Education Foundation Limited Xuli, Zhu Xiaodong with years of international education and business cooperation experience, partner of Miller Mayer immigration team Nicolai Hinrichsen and director of client relations of InGenius Prep Dacid Schuessler. They talked with investor clients and answered investors’ questions about China-US investment situation, the US law and taxation, investment immigration, overseas education and life.


During the forum, the guests speakers discussed issues such as Internet+Immigration, overseas asset allocation and Investment+Education and presented many China-US investment projects.

“For families which intend to immigrate to other countries, have a well-prepared initial planning and choose a suitable immigration program will bring important changes to their future lives,”said Zhu Xiaodong. He emphasized that it’s vital to choose the program which best suit the investor’s own family, which requires the investor to consider his/her family’s actual situation, immigration requirements and project application cycle etc when choose an project, and professional immigration consultants can better help investors for program planning.