I attended the University of Redlands in Los Angeles, California and graduated in 2008. The university had just recently had one of its most successful alums return to take over the Business Department. I asked the Business Department Chair, Jack Osborn, former COO of Mitsubishi, what he recommended learning other than business. He speaks German and Japanese and said that learning Mandarin would be very wise. I gave it a try, and despite not being able to learn Spanish, I was towards the top of the class of Mandarin learners.

Difficult Major
I undertook what was arguably the most rigorous major at the university, Global Business. Jack Osborn had personally crafted the course requirements. The major required study abroad, 4th year proficiency in a foreign language on top of the most difficult business courses at the school.

Study Abroad
I competed in an essay contest at the University of Redlands for a full year abroad. Of the more than 100+ applicants, mine was one of 6 essays chosen. I went the Beijing Foreign Studies University, the top foreign language school in China, for a full academic year. While learning up to 200 characters a day, I worked my way to the top level Chinese class at the school. I complemented my class time with internships and jobs at several companies as the only foreigner in the company.