Bilingual Team Leader

I developed a trustworthy and efficient Chinese / English bilingual staff over several years working in marketing in sales. They are located across China, Indonesia and America and are all top of class in their respective fields. Together, they are able to turn my dreams into reality and support me during very busy times. I have 5 years of IT training, have managed design teams, and am bilingual myself, so I am able to direct them and blend their talents together to make amazing marketing creations.

Tom Zhang

IT / Design – Tom is an everyday superhero. He is a CPA, certified by Google, Hubspot CRM specialist, graphic designer, and he speaks and writes fluent Mandarin. Tom and I have brainstorming sessions where we lay out marketing plans that are integrated with project designs and targeted to the best people in our company CRM.

Yonatan Abrimiff

Yonatan is very creative, writes Chinese and also has several other Fortune 500 customers. He is quick at learning new designs and software and I even taught him how to create dynamic wechat flyers.

Vivian Sun

Vivian is an experienced translator with a quick turnaround time and specialization in real estate translation. Formal written Chinese is something that not even all Chinese have mastered. I always feel safe handing over documents to Vivian and even have her check over work from other translators when she is busy with my larger projects.

Helen Zhang

Helen holds the operations together in the admin role. She is extremely reliable and a quick learner. One of my favorite things to do with Helen is find a list of agencies that I want to visit in a new city, create a map of the agencies, then create the fastest route between the agencies. With Helen’s help I was able to visit up to 15 agencies in an afternoon in Shenzhen.